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Hey guys when do u think my bouzouki will arrive? It when't from Crete to Athens to the airport
And it's been sitting in customs for maybe a week now or less but I don't know have you bought anything from greece to usa? Maybe they stole my bouzouki hahaha just kidding but I don't know. What do you guys think

You mean US customs right? Ussualy they hold them from a few days to couple of weeks!

:-) It is tough!! Hang on in there!
Ι agree with mastoras!

Be patient Ioannis !!!  Smile
Hello Ioanni!!!! Best of luck with your new bouzouki!!!! YOu ll love it!!! Do you play other instruments?
...did you get it,did you have to pay customs??
sorry guys ive been very busy but i was talking about greece customs my bouzouki arrived in ny yesterday and its here today!!. vasili i play the guitar i have a electric. can anyone link me some videos to get started and easy songs i can learn so i can get used to the bouzouki
Congratulations!! Looking fwd to hea you play!! As far as videos  I highly recommend this website as I have been a customer for over a year!!!  Did u get a 3 chrd?
Ioanni!! Take advantage of the 1st time member discount that we have at the 1st page ! :-)
whats wrong with this i get access to nothing at all i just made two purchases for nothing
Ioanni, sometime it takes like couple of minutes. Try again in 5 min and let me know!
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