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Bouzouki - Ioannis - 11-21-2014

Hey guys when do u think my bouzouki will arrive? It when't from Crete to Athens to the airport
And it's been sitting in customs for maybe a week now or less but I don't know have you bought anything from greece to usa? Maybe they stole my bouzouki hahaha just kidding but I don't know. What do you guys think

RE: Bouzouki - mastoras - 11-21-2014


You mean US customs right? Ussualy they hold them from a few days to couple of weeks!

:-) It is tough!! Hang on in there!

RE: Bouzouki - Rast - 11-22-2014

Ι agree with mastoras!

Be patient Ioannis !!!  Smile

RE: Bouzouki - vasilis - 11-24-2014

Hello Ioanni!!!! Best of luck with your new bouzouki!!!! YOu ll love it!!! Do you play other instruments?

RE: Bouzouki - ilios - 11-24-2014

...did you get it,did you have to pay customs??

RE: Bouzouki - Ioannis - 11-25-2014

sorry guys ive been very busy but i was talking about greece customs my bouzouki arrived in ny yesterday and its here today!!. vasili i play the guitar i have a electric. can anyone link me some videos to get started and easy songs i can learn so i can get used to the bouzouki

RE: Bouzouki - vasilis - 11-26-2014

Congratulations!! Looking fwd to hea you play!! As far as videos  I highly recommend this website as I have been a customer for over a year!!!  Did u get a 3 chrd?

RE: Bouzouki - mastoras - 11-26-2014

Ioanni!! Take advantage of the 1st time member discount that we have at the 1st page ! :-)

RE: Bouzouki - Ioannis - 11-26-2014

whats wrong with this i get access to nothing at all i just made two purchases for nothing

RE: Bouzouki - mastoras - 11-26-2014

Ioanni, sometime it takes like couple of minutes. Try again in 5 min and let me know!