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Learn Greek Bouzouki

Learn Greek Bouzouki
Learn Greek Bouzouki today with unlimited online content, private lessons and unparalleled attention to you!

So you woke up today and wanted to learn how to play the Greek bouzouki? Thankfully you are at the right place. The BouzoukiGreek team and website have been teaching bouzouki lovers for almost a decade now. With unlimited material and experience we will guide you to become the player that you dreamed of.

The bouzouki in its present form appeared recently in the Greek culture. Other versions of string instruments have been around since the antiquity. However our well known bouzouki lifetime begins in the 1900’s when it was brought to Greece by Greek immigrants. So it is an instrument that our grandfathers listened to and learned how to play as well. Fair to say it has been carved in our DNA as we know of no world without the bouzouki.

Fair to say it has been carved in our DNA as we know of no world without the bouzouki.

Now there is many reasons to play an instrument. Here are some:

  • it will make you smarter,
  • will reduce stress,
  • you will get a sense of achievement, therefor confidence,
  • will improve your patience,
  • memory,
  • creativity etc…

However the above are true for any instrument.

The difference and added benefit in learning the bouzouki is that you also connect with the Greek culture that stretches throughout the centuries. The thought that my grandfather who I never met probably listened to the bouzouki and to bouzouki melodies at some point in the 50’s Constantinople gives chills. There is a connection there that revolves around the identity of what being Greek means.

Maybe the grandfather also learned how to play the bouzouki at some point. And if he was around today I bet he would be ecstatic to listen to me play or dance. I bet he ‘d want to join me as well.

BouzoukiGreek offers the best way to learn the Greek bouzouki. Learning the bouzouki is not only learning the notes and playing them fast. It is about learning the story behind the songs, the personalities that shaped it and the artists who made their careers on its frets. And let’s not forget all the millions of people that listened to it and its melodies.

Join our community and we will treat you like family with the well known Greek hospitality. With personal interaction and attention to your individual needs you will learn the bouzouki in a way that you will carry it with you for the rest of your life and you will also pass it down to the next generation.

Learn the bouzouki and teach the next generations.


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